Don't fly blind.

Raven gives brands the power to collect better feedback, retain customers after negative experiences, and can drive revenue.

Why Raven?

Simple Feedback

Get feedback from your customers without interrupting workflows or asking too many questions.

Works Automagically

Let Raven reach out to your customers automatically, so you don't have to worry about following up.

Data Driven

Read your feedback and 3rd party reviews from one dashboard, without clutter or distractions.

Offer Incentives

Had a bad experience? Raven can immediately try to compensate and offer coupons for a return visit.

Smarter Decisions

Take the guesswork out of your work, and identify problematic areas or locations.


Raven is completely customizable, allowing white-label domains, logos and colors.

Real-Time Feedback

Get a birds-eye view of feedback and reviews.

Quickly obtain customer data for all your locations with quick and simple surveys automatically included with their order.  Raven automatically makes the connection with your customers post-purchase to  measure satisfaction 22x more effectively than current methods.
Retain Customers

Instantly Resolve Negative Experiences.

Raven’s feedback platform enables your team to instantly engage with customers to squash negative experiences, or offer coupons and rewards for return visits.

Data-Rich Reporting

Gather reviews and feedback from 3rd Parties.

Gather customer data for all locations regardless of how customers interact with your brand.  By simply integrating with your Google, Yelp and other online listings, Raven can effortlessly create data-rich insights 18x more effectively than current methods.

Don't Go Flying Blind

Keep Raven By Your Side

Don't Go Flying Blind

Keep Raven By Your Side